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Our Facilities

Luxurious Lobby

Luxurious lobby for a hostel is so much fascinating & demanding for the residents. Super Home is providing luxurious lobby for their residents not only for relaxation but also for entertainment. Here you can take coffee, tea & other snacks. Besides you can meet & gossip with your friends there. Sometimes the hotel residents organize open mike programs as well.

24/7 security

24 hours security system is mandatory for a hostel. From this view Super Home is providing you the top notch security system. The security system is enhanced with the support of Elite Force. The security system includes finger print entrance. No person without membership of Super Home can’t access the main gate. Security guards are always available 24 hours. CCTV cameras are installed in all the public places of Super Home to ensure the better secure environment.

Air Condition

An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air in a defined, usually enclosed area via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler and more humid air. As Super Home always thinks about the guests’ comfort in luxurious way, it provides the best branded air conditioner in each room. If there is any complain regarding the air conditioning, the maintenance authority will fix it as soon as possible. Air condition also run even though there is load shedding. So your luxurious environment will never be interrupted.

Washing Machine & Dryer

Super Home always provides the laundry facility. Each member can give 1 set of cloth daily & keep them in a poly. The house keepers collect the polys of dirty cloth according to the seat number. Then the washed clothes are provided to the residents. We also provide electric clothes drying facility for our guests.


People lead their lives through 5 basic needs which are food, shelter, dress, education & treatment. But nowadays Wi-Fi has become another basic need. From this view Super Home is always providing best Wi-Fi routing system. To serve this purpose best branded Wi-Fi routers are used. The authority always thinks about the net speed & the number of users. Our high performance maintenance team always make the Wi-Fi routing system up to date.


Food serving is so much important thing for a hostel. Super Home provides 3 times meal for their guests. Each meal is so much delicious & nutritious. The meals are prepared by our in-house chefs. Different types of meals are offered for each meal time of a day.

Fire Safety

Fire security is mandatory for any type of property. Super Home is not beyond it. Therefore Super Home always ensures sufficient amount of fire extinguishers in each floor. So the residents will be able to use the fire extinguishers properly in case of misusing fire.

House Keeping

Neat & clean environment is mandatory for hostel life. Super Home always ensures it. Cleaning staffs are so much responsive and are always ready to clean. Cleaning duty starts at 8 am & ends at 11 pm. Cleaning service is sorted into 2 parts. One is room attendant service & another one is public area attendant service. The attendants clean both the inside & outside the rooms including furniture & other instruments very carefully . Staffs are so much dedicated & well trained.

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is an electromechanical device that blows hot air over wet hair to speed the evaporation of water to dry the hair. Dry hair always helps you to make yourself fresh & gorgeous. So, Super Home is always concerned about this. It provides 1 hair drier for each floor. The number of hair drier depends upon the number of users.

Smart TV

A smart TV is a lot like a computer. It enables you to browse the web, watch YouTube and catch up on social networking. Super Home always tries to keep their residents up to date about the new technologies. So smart LED TVs are installed in the lobby & dining room.


Power supply of our country is not always continuous. Because the demand is greater than the generated power. But Super Home is always concerned about this to serve their guests. So appropriate powerful generator is installed. Therefore our guests can sleep, read & do other important works without being tensed about load shedding. All the electrical instruments including air conditions, heaters, refrigerators & others will start to run instantly in spite of encountering load shedding.

Reading Room

Reading room or study room is mandatory for hostel life. Specially the students have the peak demand for it. Our many of the residents are students. So Super Home provides the central reading room facility & small reading room facility as well. Small reading rooms are located in each floor near the sleeping room.

Personal Locker

Super Home provides the personal locker facility for each guest. Each guest is provided 2 lockers. One locker is situated beside the bed & another locker is outside the room. So the residents can keep their important things securely.

Multi-functional Bed

Since bed is used for sleeping purpose, bed is a sensitive & sophisticated item for a guest. Super Home is providing multi-functional bed from this concern. Each bed includes mattress & cover, fiber pillow & cover, USB socket, lighting system & personal locker as well. Besides each guest will get extended portion of the locker to keep their less important items there.

Finger Print Door

Security has always been a concern of high importance to human beings. Finger print door can be defined as a system which grants access to authorized personnel by terms of recognizing their unique fingerprints. Super Home is always concerned about the security system of the whole property. When the guests want to enter into hostel, they must pass the finger print door. At the time of registration the authority takes the finger print of the guests. The relatives & friends of the guests can visit the hostel’s lobby with the permission of corresponding guests.

Auto Shoe Polisher

Automatic shoe polisher machine operates with infrared sensors and can detect presence of a shoe in the slot. When the sensor gets activated, a soft brush of high quality fiber starts rotating and cleans the shoe within seconds. Super Home provides the high quality shoe polisher for their residents to make their shoes more gorgeous within a short time without facing any hassle.


Each person is concerned about happy life. Happy life is impossible without exercise & healthy food. To serve this purpose Super Home is providing gym facility for their residents. Super Home’s gym is modernized with various types of gym machines & equipment. The gym contains running machine, cycling machine, weight lifting apparatus & many more. So your tension about good health will be reduced when you’ll live at Super Home.

Cricket Playing Zone

Super Home has a fantastic cricket playing zone in roof top. The residents can play cricket there safely. A overhead net is surrounded the entire roof to make secure both the residents & playing elements.